Dr. Timm Golüke



Medicinal cosmetics

Each cosmetic treatment will begin with an individual skin analysis by Dr. Timm Golüke. In addition to a precise anamnesis concerning lifestyle, habits and skin care, a treatment concept will be created during this procedure which is tailored to each and every patient. If required, treatments will be combined with medicinal topical therapy and/or oral supplements. Additionally, a home care concept matching your skin type and needs will be created individually.

In the field of facial treatments we offer acne treatment, various peelings, microdermabrasion, active ingredient masks, ultrasound treatment, lymph drainage and classic facial treatments with several special care series developed by dermatologists, the so-called doctor brands.

Body treatments include peeling and microdermabrasion of décolleté, hands and other areas, lymph drainage, reflexology and cranio-sacral massages.

Manicure, pedicure, medicinal chiropody and permanent make-up belong to the range of services offered at our clinic.