Surgical Dermatology

Surgical Dermatology

Outpatient surgery / Dermato Surgery


Diagnostic procedures

The pathological assessment of surgically removed skin changes is carried out by experienced dermatologists and histopathologists, in close professional exchange with the practice.


Treatment procedures

Surgical procedures are performed free of pain under local or general anesthesia using the latest dermatosurgical methods.  

  • Removal of moles, cysts and lipomas
  • Tumor surgery (melanomas, basaliomas, spiked cell tumors, benign and malignant skin changes) under local anesthesia
  • Abrasive procedures (grinding or shave excisions) 
  • Scar corrections
  • Laser operations
  • Upper eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) under local anesthetia. These procedures are carried out by the plastic surgeons Dr. Ulf Dornseifer and Dr. Kimmelmann, who work with Dr. Golüke's practice


These details are for initial information only.

During a personal appointment Dr. Timm Golüke and his team will inform you in detail about your individual indications and questions. 
A good, comprehensive consultation and information of our patients is very important to us. Therefore we ask you: Always ask if there is anything you have not yet fully understood or would like to know more precisely.


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