The skin is our largest organ with a total area of up to 2 m².

The skin is an important component of our immune system. Among other things it serves as a barrier.

Dr. Timm Golueke
Board Certified Dermatologist

How the skin ages is partly genetically preprogrammed and partly dependent on external influences.

The skin is our most important sensory organ. Among other things for heat, cold and touch.

1 cm² skin: 60,000 cells, 5,000 sensory cells, 4 m nerve tracts, 1m blood vessels and 150,000 pigment cells.

The skin consists of several layers with different functions.

Feel good about yourself

This is the goal of the office of Dr. Timm Golüke

Whether skin disease, cosmetic concerns, allergies or hair loss - in the private practice of Dr. Golüke you will find understanding, competent contact persons. Our goal is that you feel comfortable in your skin and can keep it as healthy as possible. If this is also your wish, we look forward to your visit.


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Skin cancer prevention and treatment of skin diseases

Preventing or treating pathological changes of the skin is the fundamental task of classic dermatology. The range of dermatological services offered by the practice of Dr. Timm Golüke includes modern diagnostic procedures and a wide spectrum of therapies from allergy diagnostics to skin cancer prevention and venous diseases.

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Support the natural beauty of your skin

If you want to look just like yourself, just a little fresher and more rested, please feel free to inform yourself about our range of services offered in aesthetic dermatology. Whether AquaDermabrasion, botulinum toxin or injections with fillers, the practice of Dr. Tim Golüke stands for discreet, natural looking results.   

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Dr. Timm Golüke has a doctorate and is an internationally experienced specialist in dermatology. He has been treating patients from all over the world since 2004 in his practice in Munich's Maximilianstrasse. Due to his balanced view, down-to-earth recommendations and, of course, his professional competence, he is also a sought-after interview partner for dermatological topics in the media.

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9 Tips to stay in good health


during this challenging time

Dr. Timm Golueke




#1 Stay mentally sound

Positive mindset is important.

Focus on good things only!





#2 Wash your hands 

Stick to the recommendation of the World Health Organization and wash your hands several times a day at least for 30 seconds. 





#3 Don’t touch your face

Health officials say:

cutting down on that will help stop the spread of the virus.




#4 Stay home

Please stay at home unless you need to get groceries or see a doctor.  




#5 keep the distance

Keep at least two meters distance from other people. 

Instead of kissing or handshaking. Look each other longer in the eyes.




#6 Stay in touch with your loved ones 

Even when we can‘t see each other face to face use facetime, telephone or others to check on your loved ones. 




#7 Strengthen your skin barrier

Stick to your daily cleansing Routine and protect your skin from pollutants.  




#8 Wholesome Diet

Eat healthy to strengthen your body from the inside.  




#9 Sleep well

To maintain your health focus on getting enough sleep.

Implement an evening routine that allows you to follow up with your plan.  



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Wartezimmer Hautarztpraxis Dr. Golüke München
Wartezimmer Hautarztpraxis Dr. Golüke München

Our Team

Dr. Timm Golueke
Board Certified Dermatologist
Dr. med. Maria Leibl
Dr. med. Maria Leibl
Medical specialist for dermatology and venereology

In the practice since 2017

PD Dr. med. Ulf Dornseifer
Chief physician for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

In the practice since 2012

Dr. med. univ. Michael Kimelman
Active senior practitioner for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

In the practice since 2019

Nicole Kuhlen
Nicole Kuhlen
Doctor’s assistant

In practice since 2014

Claudia Webeck
Claudia Webeck
Doctor’s assistant

In practice since 2009

Nathalie Plattl
Nathalie Plattl
State-approved specialist beautician

In the practice since 2018

Franziska Schäffer
Franziska Schäffer
State-approved specialist beautician

In the practice since 2017

Verena Späth
Verena Spath
State-approved specialist beautician

In the practice since 2005

Ruth Wörther
Ruth Wörther
State-approved specialist beautician

In the practice since 2004